Monday, September 20, 2010

Metal Circles

Hung two fresh metal circle mobiles at a local cafe this morning. While installing them, I met someone who used to live in Wisconsin and now resides in the state of Washington. She mentioned purchasing several of my mobiles years ago that now hang in her home near the sea, including a large wire salmon that is right at home hanging in her atrium. First time we met. Feels good to know old mobiles are still hanging and enjoyed.

I went to the Chicago Museum of Modern Art last week to view an Alexander Calder exhibit. Amazing as always. Works of seven contemporary artists inspired by Calder were also shown. My conclusion - Calder stands alone as the master of mobiles.


Marianne said...

Mr. Martin
I have a glass mobile signed: Martin 75 and I am wondering if it could be your design. The theme is "the stars and the moon: It is of clear glass with foiled edges. It has a large half moon and three stars of various sizes.
I would be most appreciative to hear a jay or nay from you.

Wisco Tom said...

Marianne, I don't think what you have is my work. I usually sign 'tcmartin' and the year, ie '2010'. But I have made pieces similar to your description, so I'm curious about what you have. Can you email a photo?
Thank You.

Wisco Tom said...

I've been in touch with someone who is very specific about a small commissioned piece. The wire sculpture requested is based on a similar piece I made which is displayed in a cafe. There are times when specific requests can be challenging and even irritating. Not this time, as the client is very clear about what she wants and why she wants it that way. It's a sculpture depicting her family, seeking to capture relationships among the four of them. She's respectful of art forms and artist freedom, but still knows what she wants. Good challenge. Results not in yet. Report to follow.