Monday, June 21, 2010

Workshop Changes

It's been worth the time the past few days to sort through my workshop supplies. The work is freeing up space and freeing my mind to rethink what kind of artwork I want to make. I like the thought of making smaller, more precise mobiles relative to what I've been producing.

I'm eliminating and/or minimizing most of the physical risks from my work environment. The health risks have included being around metal shavings, metal dust, sawdust, and paint fumes. There are also risks that come from operating small machines (bench grinder, drill press, scroll saw, sander).

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Wisco Tom said...

I'm spending time in the workshop today to push the project along. Putting together a supply of beads for Donna Lexa Community Arts Center. Plan to sell two large bench grinders, metal saw, and power torch via Craig's List.